3D stent technology intended to improve the biomechanical and blood flow characteristics of vascular stents





Imperial College London

Investment stage

Post-Series A

Veryan is a medical technology company that has developed and patented a three-dimensional stent, BioMimics 3D™, for use in the peripheral (leg) arteries.

The shape of the BioMimics 3D™ stent improves its biomechanical performance and blood flow in the vessel, with a demonstrated benefit on clinical outcomes in peripheral arterial disease.

Existing stents indicated for placement in the leg arteries have a straight tubular design that tends to straighten any curvature present in vessels. This straightening effect may interfere with normal shortening of the femoropopliteal artery during lower limb movement, such as when the knee is bent.

However, Veryan’s BioMimics 3D™ stent technology involves adapting traditional straight stent designs to a patented three-dimensional helical shape, which more closely mimics the natural geometry of the human vascular system. When implanted, the BioMimics stent imparts natural curvature to the diseased artery, thereby promoting swirling blood flow, which improves the outcome of peripheral intervention. The unique biomimetic design of the BioMimics 3D™ stent also provides more flexibility, kink and fracture resistance than other laser-cut nitinol tube stents, making it perform particularly well over long periods of time.

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