AI interpretation of the internet





Investment stage


Telectic is London-based start-up that uses artificial intelligence (“AI”) to interpret the content of the World Wide Web.  

The underlying technology has been developed over the last five years by a research team led by AI veteran Dr. Jason Kingdon. In addition to co-founding UCL’s Intelligent Systems Lab, Jason Kingdon was the Co-founder and CEO of big data AI analytics pioneer Searchspace (now part of Nice Systems), and backer of Robotic Process Automation software company Blue Prism.

The initial objective is to map and discover insights about the professional world by reorganising the Web’s information about people, networks and organisations. By so doing it is seeking to disrupt the the business information market which is worth $80bn globally. 

The Company’s AI technology offers an ability to build insights into professional networks from simply reading Web content, which will be valuable to professionals doing research and business development.