Novel seismic imaging techniques for the oil and gas industries


Engineering & Materials


Imperial College London

Investment stage


S-Cube Solutions is developing novel seismic imaging techniques for the oil and gas industries.

The company is developing techniques that will deliver substantial improvements in the quality of seismic imagery in areas affected by salt. Higher quality seismic imaging in such areas will reduce exploration risk, improve appraisal of oil and gas deposits and enhance recovery. Sub-Salt is founded on the work of Professor Mike Warner and his team at the Department of Earth Science & Engineering of Imperial College London.

Salt is a challenging lithology to image, since sound travels very quickly through it.  This means that seismic waves are scattered in a very unpredictable fashion.

S-Cube has developed and patented a technique called Adaptive Waveform Inversion (AWI™) which allows E&P companies to establish reservoir presence and more accurately predict facies distributions.

S-Cube is developing a portfolio of technologies in areas such as prediction of pore-pressure, lithology, porosity and fluid content.