Developing enzymatic process technologies that yield high value chemicals such as flavours and fragrances


Engineering & Materials


University of Oxford

Investment stage

Series A

Oxford Biotrans is a spin-out from the University of Oxford and is based on IP that is the product of more than 15 years of research by Dr Luet Lok Wong from the Department of Chemistry.

The company is developing proprietary enzyme technology to convert low-cost feedstocks into high-value chemical compounds. The technology enables novel routes of production for these high value chemicals, in a process that yields natural grade products from natural feedstocks and realises significant manufacturing cost advantages compared to chemical routes.

The company’s technology enables novel routes of production of high value chemicals, in a process that requires little energy and generates very small amounts of waste.

Oxford Biotrans’ first product will be natural-grade nootkatone (the flavour and scent of grapefruit) made by biotransformation of natural valancene (a citrus extract readily obtained from oranges). The F&F industry represents a significant market – demand for ingredients has been variously estimated between $2.6bn and $7.6bn.

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