Cancer therapeutics based on new understandings of DNA damage response




University of Cambridge

Investment stage

Post-Series A

MISSION Therapeutics was founded in 2011 to commercialise expert research into the ubiquitin pathway for the treatment of cancers and non-malignant disease.

It has built a world-leading platform for the discovery and development of first-in-class, small molecule drugs that selectively target deubiquitinating enzymes (‘DUBs’) – an emerging, and hitherto intractable drug class that is attracting significant commercial interest as the potential ‘next kinase area’.

DUBs are involved in multiple cellular processes, including DNA damage response and cell proliferation. The inhibition of these enzymes has considerable potential for the generation of novel drugs for treating cancer and other unmet medical needs. Despite significant efforts within the pharmaceutical sector, there are few DUB inhibitors in clinical development.

MISSION’s leadership team has a wealth of international, commercial and scientific experience and the company has strong links with key academic and research centres including Cancer Research UK laboratories and the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge. Professor Steve Jackson at Cancer Research UK laboratories and the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge is the scientific founder of MISSION and is the Chief Scientific Officer of the company.

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