Differentiated medicines through unique transgenic antibody fragment platform





Babraham Institute

Investment stage

Post-Series A

Crescendo Biologics Ltd, is a drug discovery and development company founded in 2009 in Cambridge UK. Using its highly innovative antibody fragment platform, Humabody VH, Crescendo aims to deliver novel oncology therapies. 

Humabodies™ combine the VH format with the power of transgenic mouse technology, the gold standard in antibody development. This results in excellent affinity, production yield and developability, as well as very rapid and efficient discovery of a multitude of diverse leads.

VH fragments are the smallest portions of immunoglobulin that

retain target specificity and potency and are the most robust antibody fragments in terms of stability, ease of engineering and manufacture.

This makes them highly attractive therapeutic agents with significant advantages in the development of products for local and topical delivery, pure antagonists and bi– or multi-specifics.

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