Developing bio-inspired vision system enabling intelligent image recognition




Imperial College London

Investment stage

Post-Series A

Cortexica Vision Systems is the leading provider of cloud-based image recognition systems and mobile visual search technology.

The company was spun-out from the Bioengineering Department of Imperial College London, originating from a research project to reverse-engineer the human visual cortex.

Cortexica provides advanced visual search and image recognition software to global retailers, brands and digital publishers that allows their customers to purchase products at the moment of inspiration by matching images to inventory. Cortexica seeks to visually empower its clients by supporting them in using its technology to drive both sales through customer engagement and to improve internal operations through simplifying existing processes.

The company’s proprietary findSimilar™ technology is used by a growing list of global retailers, including Zalando, Macy’s and Shop Direct as well as many other brands across an increasing range of verticals. findSimilar™ is an online function that displays search results of a range of products within a particular category that are visually similar in colours, shapes, details and patterns. By searching visually through the inventory, the customer has access to a greater range of product choice and inspiration without the need for inputting keywords.

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