Self-organizing small-cell microwave backhaul




University of Cambridge

Investment stage

Series A

Cambridge Communication Systems (CCS) is a specialist in small cell microwave backhaul systems.

CCS’ system enables mobile operators to deploy small cells in a flexible, organic way as additional capacity is required, maintaining a quality of service that meets customer expectations.

The team behind the company has a successful track record in creating innovative wireless solutions.

Small cell networks provide a solution to help network operators struggling to meet capacity requirements of ever growing mobile data traffic.  However. a lack of viable backhaul has been one of the major roadblocks to deployment. CCS has created the world’s first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul.

This award-winning solution is the only small cell backhaul that meets all key requirements for high capacity and low latency, reliability, rapid deployment and low-cost operation in a small, low-impact design.