Developing novel haemophilia therapies




University of Cambridge

Investment stage

Series A

ApcinteX is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, based on the work of Professor Jim Huntington and Dr Trevor Baglin, world-renowned experts in blood clotting disorders and successful serial entrepreneurs. The company is developing a new treatment for haemophilia, whereby patients receive a weekly subcutaneous injection instead of frequent intravenous infusions.

Haemophilia is a life-threatening condition that has not seen any significant medical advance in decades. The requirement for frequent intravenous infusion compromises efficacy and safety, particularly in infants. Moreover, one third of patients develop autoantibodies, rendering treatment inefficient and requiring the use of expensive and only partially effective bypass agents. ApcinteX’s drug could effectively treat patients with all forms of haemophilia without the risk of antibody formation.

The company has proven efficacy and dose response in preclinical animal models.


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