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Imperial College London

Investment stage

Post-Series A

Abingdon Health is a medical diagnostics group focused on developing, manufacturing and commercialising point of care immunoassay tests for disorders of the immune system.

Since the company’s formation in 2008 it has completed a series of selective acquisition and licensing transactions to bring together IP, diagnostic platforms, manufacturing, and commercial infrastructure.

Abingdon Health’s focus is on developing rapid tests for haematology, oncology, and specifically B-cell dyscrasias, which are diseases caused by disorders of plasma cells. The company is addressing unmet clinical needs in this area with the introduction of rapid and near-patient tests for diagnosis and monitoring of B-cell dyscrasias. Abingdon’s first product is Seralite®– FLC, the world’s first rapid diagnostic device in multiple myeloma, launched in March 2015.

Abingdon Health is also developing a multiplexed rapid diagnostics technology platform to meet the market need for simple to use, rapid, cost-effective, portable systems. This rapid testing system integrates low-cost Organic Light Emitting diodes (OLEDs) and Organic Photodetectors (OPDs) with immunoassay lateral flow chemistry to allow the quantitative measurement of a range of multiplexed assay panels.

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