Published 27th September 2017

Garrison announces launch of revolutionary cyber security hardware platform that enables ultra-secure access to the Internet

Touchstone Innovations portfolio company, Garrison, today launches Garrison SAVI® - a radical new cyber security product in the fast-growing “remote browsing” category which is delivered as a revolutionary new data centre hardware platform using ARM® technology

Garrison today announces the launch of Silicon Assured Video Isolation (Garrison SAVI®), a hardware-level cyber security technology that provides ultra-secure access to the Internet for enterprises and government organisations. Emerging from stealth after three years of development, Garrison has already delivered Garrison SAVI® technology to large customers internationally across sectors including Financial Services, Media, Telecommunications, Professional Services and Government.

Internet access for employees presents one of the gravest threats to enterprise cyber security today. With techniques such as spearphishing, watering hole attacks and drive-by-downloads, cyber attackers ranging from criminals to nation states are successfully breaching existing enterprise defences to steal sensitive data, transfer funds, or install ransomware.

Garrison’s patented Garrison SAVI® technology provides a “secure remote browsing” platform which allows user access to the riskiest Internet content while keeping sensitive enterprise systems and data fully isolated from the risk. Industry analysts Gartner have identified remote browsing as one of the top ten most strategic technologies for enterprise cyber security ( and more than $100m has been raised by startups globally to deliver remote browsing solutions.

With more than £16m raised to date, UK-based Garrison Technology has taken a radically different approach for Garrison SAVI®. Where competing solutions use conventional software and virtualisation techniques on conventional Intel® architecture servers, Garrison has engineered a revolutionary new data centre hardware platform based on the use of ARM® technology.

Garrison SAVI® breaks the mould, delivering not only the highest level of security available in the industry, but also a better price/performance ratio than conventional approaches.