Published 28th November 2017

Portfolio company TopiVert demonstrates proof of concept in Phase I/IIa study of TOP1630 in the treatment of dry eye syndrome

Portfolio company TopiVert Pharma Limited (‘TopiVert’ or the ‘Company’) has today announced successful results from the Company’s Phase I/II a proof of concept study of its wholly-owned TOP1630 ophthalmic solution in the treatment of dry eye syndrome (DES).

TopiVert is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing Narrow Spectrum Kinase Inhibitors (NSKIs) as novel, locally-acting, medicines for the treatment of chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal (GI) and ocular diseases. NSKIs target key kinases in the signalling cascade in inflammatory cells, leading to synergistic inhibition of pathways involved in innate and adaptive immunities.

TOP1630, is the Company’s lead NSKI for ophthalmology.  The product is locally absorbed and retained in target inflammatory cells in the cornea and conjunctiva when administered as eye drops, and with only minimal systemic exposure, it is an ideal topical eye therapy.

In the study TOP1630 delivered statistically significant results across multiple signs and symptoms endpoints in DES. Furthermore, TOP1630 demonstrated excellent safety and placebo-like tolerability and comfort profiles.

Ajay Duggal, TopiVert’s Chief Medical Officer, commented:

“TOP1630 has delivered compelling data in a Phase I/IIa proof of concept study for the treatment of dry eye syndrome. We believe that the consistency of effect demonstrated across a range of sign and symptom endpoints, coupled with the placebo-like tolerability profile, sets a new benchmark for DES treatments.”

See the full TopiVert statement here