Published 13th March 2017

IXICO signs US$1.5m contract

Portfolio company IXICO, the brain health company, has announced that it has signed a new contract worth US$1.5m for its Imaging Clinical Trial Technologies and Services with an existing customer which is a top 10 pharmaceutical company.

The contract is for the supply of services to a Phase IIb clinical trial of patients in the early stages of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (“PSP”), a Parkinson’s-like neurodegenerative condition caused by the premature loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain.

IXICO will collect, manage and analyse MRI scans acquired at over 90 international specialist imaging centres utilising its proprietary TrialTracker™ platform.  This data analytics technology has been specifically modified for quantifying drug effects in PSP patients.  This current study is expected to complete in 2020 and there is potential for the scope to be extended further.

We are pleased to announce the signing of a further contract with a top pharma company highlighting our leading position in providing proprietary digital technologies and services for the analysis of big data sets from clinical trials, especially in the area of neurodegenerative disease. This contract further demonstrates existing customers’ endorsement of IXICO’s ability to provide compliant delivery of quality data and trustworthy results, and cements our position as a valued partner to the pharmaceutical industry in the drug development process.

Giulio Cerroni, CEO of IXICO

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