Published 11th April 2017

Ieso Digital Health joins with Colorado Health Partnerships

Ieso Digital Health, creator of a leading digital mental health delivery platform, is providing members of Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program) its service that allows individuals to receive psychological counseling from credentialed and Colorado licensed mental health therapists from anywhere, at virtually any time.

Ieso delivers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in a private and secure virtual therapy room, at a scheduled time, during a live, online appointment using typed conversation. The service is available to individuals with common behavioral health disorders such as anxiety, stress and depression. Unlike other behavioral health methods, the Ieso platform measures the rate of improvement using before and after scores of clinically validated questionnaires. To date, Ieso has delivered over 400 therapy hours to eligible Colorado patients and has experienced competitive improvement rates of over 60 percent. In 2016, Ieso delivered over 10,000 therapy hours to patients in the UK, who get their care through the National Health Service. The company's delivery platform was validated in a 2009 random controlled trial published in The Lancet.

All online therapy offered through this program is provided by Colorado therapists who are licensed to practice within Colorado. All therapists have at least Masters-level training.

Dan Clark, CEO for Ieso Digital Health, said:

"Online therapy is especially helpful for people who want to try therapy but can't take the time off work, can't travel to an appointment, live in a rural area with a shortage of providers, or don't feel comfortable speaking to somebody face-to-face. People can receive their therapy anywhere. All they need is an internet connection, computer, tablet or smartphone.

"Re-reading their text before sending it can be helpful to both the patient and therapist as they work to get their arms around the issues being discussed. The text record also allows our firm to provide supervision to our counselors, allowing them to improve their performance for their patients."

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