Published 30th September 2016

Puridify named as finalist for two prestigious bioprocess industry awards

Portfolio company Puridify, developers of novel bioprocessing purification technologies for industrial biomolecule manufacture, has been announced as a finalist for two BioProcess International Awards. These prestigious industry awards recognize the outstanding people, organizations, and technologies that define excellence and that have changed the status-quo by enabling more effective, less expensive biotherapeutic development and manufacturing.

The two awards for which Puridify has been shortlisted are:

Best Downstream Technology Application - for Puridify’s FibroSelect™ nanofiber single-use purification technology.

Best Collaboration - with GlaxoSmithKline to advance industrial evaluation of Puridify’s FibroSelect.

Oliver Hardick, CEO of Puridify commented: “Being nominated for these two awards, which puts Puridify alongside the likes of Pall Corporation and Sanofi-Genzyme, is an incredible honour and testament to the hard work and excellence of our R&D team. Our platform continues to demonstrate enormous relevance and value to the process development community, and industrial support from leading biopharmaceutical companies across Europe and the USA is helping us move towards commercial manufacture of the FibroSelect™ technology. The willingness to engage gives us confidence in the industry’s readiness to adopt novel technologies that make significant productivity gains and reduce process development times, which will ultimately deliver benefits to patients.”

The full details of the nominations can be found at:

Best Downstream Technology Application -

Best Collaboration -

Dr Hardick will present data on the development, scale-up and industrial evaluation of Puridify’s FibroSelect single-use purification technology at this year’s BPI conference. The presentation will include data from industrial evaluations (at 50L batch scale) showing FibroSelect can offer at least 40x higher productivity compared to traditional packed columns, whilst maintaining critical quality attributes.

Details of the presentation are as follows: “Single-Use Primary Capture Technology with the Promise to Deliver New Standards for the Economics, Convenience and Reliability of mAb Bioprocessing”, in the session “Recovery and Purification, - Future Technologies and Their Impact on Downstream Processing”, 10.30am, Wednesday 5th October.