Published 10th October 2016

Impression Technologies launches new factory

Imperial Innovations notes the opening of Impression Technologies’ new factory in Coventry today.

The new facility was inaugurated with a formal ribbon cutting by Councillor Lindsley Harvard, the Lord Mayor of Coventry, and an inaugural speech from the former Director General of the CBI, Lord Digby Jones. Development of the new facilities were assisted by an Innovations-led funding round in July 2015.

Impressions Technologies has developed a method for shaping high strength aluminium called Hot Form Quench™ (HFQ®). The process is a cost-effective means of producing lightweight, complex and structured aluminium components for a variety of industries, such as aerospace and automotive.

The underlying technology was initially developed by Prof Jianguo Lin and his group at Imperial College London (previously working at the University of Birmingham). Prof Lin is currently Head of Imperial’s Mechanics of Materials Division and continues to play an active role in Impression Technologies.

Jonathan Watkins, Chief Executive of Impression Technologies, said:

“Impression Technologies has a unique technology that addresses the economical, technical and environmental needs of the huge automotive, aerospace and rail sectors.

“HFQ® has the potential to be the dominant light-weighting technology for vehicle structures, bringing highly skilled jobs and investment to the region, as well as significant earnings from strategic and rapidly-growing global markets.”

Robert Bahns, Director of Technology Ventures at Imperial Innovations plc, said:

“We are delighted to see the progress the company has made and the contribution it is already beginning to make to the automotive industry. This facility will position the company firmly on the map as a technology provider that can reduce the weight and cost of components across a range of transport sectors.”

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