Published 4th November 2016

Inivata enters partnership with N-of-One

>N-of-One to Identify Treatment Strategies and Clinical Trial Opportunities for Patients based on Inivata’s ctDNA Liquid Biopsy Analysis.

Portfolio company Inivata, a global clinical cancer genomics company employing a revolutionary approach to circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve personalized healthcare in oncology, and N-of-One, Inc., a precision medicine oncology decision support company, have announced a new partnership to support analysis of patient cases for Inivata’s InVision® liquid biopsy product line. This partnership will enable the delivery of clear, easy to interpret patient reports, providing physicians with a wealth of genomic information at their fingertips.

Michael Stocum, Ceo of Inivata, said:

“N-of-One’s experience in curating complex genomic information and translating this data into clinically relevant results on tens of thousands of patients has enabled them to develop a market-leading database and unparalleled expertise. We are excited to access their capabilities to ensure we provide physicians with the most actionable information in our easy to interpret report”

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