Published 3rd May 2016

Imperial Innovations backs SAM Labs

Imperial Innovations Group plc (Innovations or "The Group") has invested £2.0m as part of a £3.2m round for SAM Labs, inventors of the best-selling and award-winning SAM construction kits for 7+ year olds to learn coding through play. The funds will allow SAM Labs to expand the retail and home reach of the SAM kits.

SAM Labs creates wireless electronics kits that allow users to build their own smart inventions using hardware, software and apps through the Internet of Things (IoT). SAM Labs was founded in April 2014 by a group of graduates from Imperial College London led by Joachim Horn, Founder and CEO.

The startup successfully raised more than £125,000 in October 2014 via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The company now sells construction kits and individual blocks via its website, including a special edition, created in partnership with The Science Museum.

London’s Science Museum and SAM Labs collaborated to create the Inventor kit, which teaches STEM through step-by-step activities.

Joachim Horn, CEO and founder of SAM Labs, said:

“It’s amazing to have Imperial Innovations as our first institutional investor, particularly given their excellent track record in science and engineering. Their scientific and creative approach are a huge source of inspiration for the construction kits we’ve built.

“You’d be surprised what a child learns, when they don’t realise that they are learning. We are determined to give everyone a joyful and hands-on experience with creative engineering and coding. Any child at home or in school can pick up these kits and play, while learning twice as fast as conventional tools.’”

Robert Bahns, Director Technology Venture at Imperial Innovations, commented:

“The SAM Labs wireless construction kits are encouraging young people to take an interest in technology and engineering, which is an issue we feel very passionately about.

“We have always championed UK innovation, particularly in STEM, and look forward to seeing how these products will enable young people to explore real-world applications.”

SAM Labs kits now for sale online: