Published 5th December 2016

Puridify and GSK extend evaluation of FibroSelect purification technology

Portfolio company Puridify, which is developing novel bioprocessing purification technologies for industrial biomolecule manufacture, has entered an 18-month collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

This agreement will extend the evaluation of Puridify’s FibroSelect purification technology with a view to building a package to support potential use of nanofibres in toxicology and clinical manufacture. This follows a previous 18-month collaboration which has seen successful demonstration of proof of concept studies.

Puridify has been on a rapid path of development and commercialisation to deliver an industry-ready technology that will allow a step-change to current downstream processing of industrial biotherapeutic manufacture. The unique properties of FibroSelect enable the replacement of purification columns that are more than fifty times larger. The ready-to-operate units reduce validation burden, improve process robustness and increase facility flexibility.

Dr Oliver Hardick, CEO of Puridify, said:

“The development of FibroSelect has focused on generating industry relevant end-user data. At the same time, we have been establishing a manufacturing basis for GMP-compliant products that are delivered pre-packed and ready-to-operate.

“Our single-use purification units will enable this technology to service very effectively the wider Life Sciences industry. Specifically, collaborations with biotherapeutic drug manufacturers are already proving the benefit of FibroSelect as a single-use high productivity product capture platform, suitable for existing and emergent biologic therapies.

“We are delighted that GSK are continuing to support us in such a significant manner, particularly as we approach commercial manufacture of the FibroSelect technology. This kind of industrial collaboration is critical for shaping the technology and generating data to support its market adoption.”

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