Published 18th April 2016

Portfolio company Abingdon Health announces collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical Co

Imperial Innovations is pleased to note that its portfolio company, Abingdon Health, a specialist diagnostics business, has announced today the signing of a collaboration agreement with Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd to develop a next-generation multiplexed point of care biosensor device.

This agreement follows a 2 year joint development agreement (“JDA”) between Molecular Vision, a subsidiary of Abingdon Health, and Sumitomo Chemical, to prove the feasibility of the device. The JDA focused on integrating lateral flow devices and printed electronic technologies to produce an easy-to-use compact device for a variety of diagnostic applications.

Chris Yates, CEO of Abingdon Health, said: “After a successful two year collaboration we look forward to continuing to work with our partner Sumitomo Chemical to develop our new biosensor device. With the advent of big data within medical diagnostics coupled with the increasing desire for connected point of care testing we believe that this multiplexed biosensor device will have considerable applicability now and in the future.”