Building leading management teams

Co-operation and tenacity
to drive forward technology ventures

It takes high-quality, proven highly motivated management teams to build a successful business. It is not easy recruiting top talent into young companies, but companies in the ‘Golden Triangle’ have an advantage over those in other regions, because of the rich talent pool in the region and proximity

A common theme amongst the management that we attract to our portfolio companies is that many have blue-chip CVs, having worked for large corporations before going on to success in high-growth entrepreneurial start-ups.

We like people who have proven abilities to operate in both environments, because we need both the entrepreneurial drive and an ability to understand what the ultimate acquirer expects to see before writing a large cheque, or what the public markets expect post IPO.

Putting the right team in place

Crucially for long term value creation, Innovations makes sure that its portfolio companies are set up correctly from the start. This means ensuring that the venture is funded sufficiently to attract experienced management with a track record and an insightful understanding of the market in which the technology will be deployed. It also means managing the evolution of the management team so that it is ‘stage-relevant’ to the lifecycle of the company.

The continuity of funding we provide from start-up to scaleup, and our close working relationship with the management of our portfolio companies, are important components of our model – it is far harder to influence a company’s development if you are a late-stage investor inheriting a team and investor base.