vision and teamwork

Smart, sector-focused co-investors bring significant added value.

They carry out extensive due diligence (in addition to our own) and thus help us to validate our portfolio and avoid ‘originator’s bias’, thereby ensuring that there is real quality in our portfolio. Meanwhile, we use our position of influence and our pre-emption rights as a founder shareholder to deploy the appropriate share of our capital.

Quality shareholders and co-investors

Syndication of investment is an important part of our approach to building strong companies. Our co-investors bring capital, but they also bring insight and people with operational experience, which can be invaluable.

Strategic investors also bring directly relevant expertise that can help with our companies’ development, for example with clinical development plans. And of course, they may be a potential acquirer, so they increase the range of trade sale options.

A selection of our co-investors


Specialist investors

Strategic investors

Invesco Asset Management Sofinnova Partners Astellas
Lansdowne Partners SV Life Sciences SR One
Woodford Patient Capital Trust Fidelity Biosciences Pfizer Ventures Investments
Imperial College London Abingworth Roche Venture Fund
Octopus Investments Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Jetstream Ventures Merck Ventures BV
Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Lundbeckfond Ventures