Proven model

Combining expertise
to create a unique mix

Our integrated business model, which includes patent and licensing activities, provides us with a unique insight into leveraging early-stage research and turning it into substantial, high-quality, well-managed and well-funded businesses

By leveraging grant and proof-of-concept funding for early-stage investments, less than 6% of our own funds go into the highest risk start-up phase investments. The vast majority of our capital is deployed in the scaleup of portfolio companies, which we know intimately from the inside. This gives us the opportunity to invest with the benefit of more influence and make better-informed decisions than would be the case for late-stage investors.

From start-up to scale-up

One of the factors that makes us different is our ability to invest over long periods, forming companies before a venture capital company (VC) would get involved and scaling our investment in our maturing companies when they approach value.

Typically, we start with an initial seed investment in the order of £25,000 to £1.0 million to get the business off the ground. Assuming we are satisfied with the venture’s development, we then progressively deploy more capital over time, typically in the order of £1.0 million to £5.0 million in Series A funding rounds to help the business build organisational strength and develop necessary partnerships.

We then selectively build our stake in our most promising assets by deploying more capital and attracting co-investors to the business.


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